Saturday, 11 February 2012

New work year and First blog articles being re-published

The start of my dragon work year has been super tiring and eventful, I can't believe I had to work overtime continuously daily ever since I have a baby. Thank god for the confinement nanny here and her presence has indeed helped to lower our burden at home.

Work is work, I have no complaints. But I am starting to realise I had simply no energy to do anything else after work. Maybe it has been awhile since I had worked so late that often. (salesman should not be working so late!) Stress level at work is not helping thanks to some unnecessary problems caused by my ex-manager. I tried to apply the 80/20 rule on my job, but even after with that, my energy level just cannot cope.

I need to start finding time to work out. Hopefully it will boost my energy level. I will need to ensure I stay healthy during these period and has decided to stop my other active income channels for now (like estate agent). Being batman instead of superman is good enough for now.

Luckily there is still passive investment through stocks to generate that much needed extra income. I will be receiving my Suntec reit and CDL trust dividends this month.

This week has been very eventful too as two of my articles are being re-published on
NextInsight, a hub for serious investors is co-founded by Leong Chan Teik, a former Straits Times senior correspondent, and Kathy Zhang, founder and MD of Financial PR. Both are very well respected and had achieved several successful milestones in their careers.

I am very surprised they took interest in my articles as I had only started blogging only since last October.
It is deeply honoured and I hope I can continue to contribute more meaningful articles moving forward. Hopefully my blogging can also start to make some tea money for me soon.


  1. Congrats Guru!

    Fun right? It's always nice to know someone appreciates our writings ;)

    I very envious you can fit into Batman's costume - being young and all. Do take care and pace yourself.

    By the way, I hope your Batman's costume does not come with the kinky nipples... LOL!

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