Sunday, 30 October 2011

Q3 updates

I have been trying to accumlate shares during this volatile period and I am glad that I did not go back into the temptation of trading even though it is the best period to do so.
I just heard from my friend he lost money by trading genting and noble shares recently, I advised him to hold if he can trade short term, if not, the risks are not worth it.
As I will be starting a family soon, I decide to invest through the boring and effective way through compounding.
Below are the updates from two of my major holdings and its dividend time again!:

Suntec Reit
NAV: 1.786
Cashflow: 66,299 (millions)
P/E: 9.65
EPS: 2.799
Gearing: 38.5%
Interest coverage ration: 4.0
Property yield: 0.689%

Starhill Reit
Cashflow: 100,432
P/E: 7.79
EPS: -0.14
Gearing: 30.1%
Interest coverage ration: 4.1
Property yield: 1.28%

It is dividend time again, I will plan to invest those dividends back into the shares :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

38 year old colleague of mine.

I had a email conversation with a colleague of mine today, he is currently based overseas and is fours years my senior (38 years).
What struck me most was his dreadful financial situation now and the fact he is married and will be having a child soon. His wife is currently not working.
He is currently living in a rented apartment, has no savings after paying his bills and is still paying off his credit card interests/bills.
After analysis from our conversation, I came to understand how he ended up this way;
1. Lack of Saving
2. No control of Spending ( Spend money emotionally )
3. No investment
4. No financial knowledge
5. Did not pay his credit card bills in full
6. Job hopper
7. No aim to earn more money

Above points are a reality and he has to start to save to get his finances in-order.
The only positive point was that he had managed to spent on hospitalization insurance and this had helped him to offset alot of hospital bills when he had a health situation recently.
I had asked him to purchase a property instead using a bank loan and he is currently talking to his bankers.
He has to start to save now inorder to get things started.
It might not be easy, but he has to start somewhere...