Thursday, 11 September 2014

Insurance Savings Plan Zurich vista review

If you read in the papers on every sunday, you will see plentiful of articles on investment, savings and insurance.
On insurance; There are many types of plans available, the main point is to understand what best suits your needs in long term.

For me,  main reason for insurance is to provide coverage in event of any illness or death. I do not want to burden my loved ones.
Next, I want a plan where I can see long term appreciation where I can get back my savings eventually once my children are old enough to make a living for themselves.

I came across this product which I find interesting and would like to share with all. Below is the link;

For people that has join the workforce, you will start accumalating money, it is to your advantage to start savings early, get an insurance savings plan and start planning for the future.

Do not spend all of the salary, keep some money for the monthly insurance premiums.

As you are working hard, remember to invest for long term.

The key word is compounding your savings. With proper products chosen, you can create wealth through compounding your investment returns.

In life, we need to be far sighted but also ensure we enjoy life as we grow.

At the same time, it is always good to be prepared for emergency cases, thus the need for insurance.

When I first started working in 2001, I did not have a clue on what I want and what I need, the insurance plans I bought were mainly to support my friends or at some point, my ex- girlfriend.

Back then there was hardly any like minded people sharing their investment/personal finance/insurance knowledge.

Fast forward to 2014; there is so much information! People should make full use of such information to be better educated or updated.

This Vista plan provide insurance, savings and investment. It fits all of the important elements in a well rounded plan.

What surprise me on this plan is the flexbillity portion, I think this feature is quite useful,  do check it out.