Monday, 14 November 2011

Girlfriends = Liability, Good Wife = Financial Freedom, Bad Wife = bye bye $

This is a topic which co-relates to financial freedom, at least that is what I thought so. Many would had thought saving, investing , passive incomes and slogging all your life will make you RICH, but little do they know that marrying the wrong person and staying single too long can make you BROKE!

Imagine yourself being single, young and with earning power. But with the unrealistic expectations and high demands of a life partner, you keep looking for potential soulmates. It is to my assumption that the average guy will have at least 2-3 girlfriends before they settle down, some of them, might even have more than 10. Which I would not be surprised at all.

Dating takes, time,effort and MONEY, whoever thinks that true love can be found without money, they are still living in the stone ages. In Singapore materialistic society, woman prefers their man to have high earning power. So it is important to know what you want before you go into a relationship.
But if a choosy person keeps looking for the perfect woman, he will tend to change many girlfriends. It also pays if the person is not looking for commitment.

When a guy gets attached to a girl and they have a steady relationship for 2 years. But later, they realised that they are not meant for each other, and thus decide to move on. This could easily cost the guy a few grand! And not taking the fact that time is wasted! I have seen friends who buy diamond rings, spend heavy on gifts, holidays and food. The cost usually gets higher during the initial courtship. Just think about it, if the guy goes through 3 more of such failed relationship, the cost becomes a liablity.

Knowing how your partner view money is essential. If your partner can spend money easily on materialistic products, it is a sign of red alert. My advise is when you meet somebody that wants branded bags very often, diamonds and other demands, you better be prepared to break your wallet or if you can , run!

The worst kind of relationship is when the guy gets involved with money minded woman. I have seen married guy that needs to send money monthly to his wife family overseas! (not to mention the country).

It is painful to get married with the wrong woman, in Singapore law, the odds are always against the men when it comes to divorce compensations. People had lost their homes, savings and time. This cost easily mounts to 500KSGD.

Only when you are ready, you should start looking. But if you decide to make your time worth by finding and being with the right woman at the right time, settling down with her will ensure financial stability and financial freedom eventually.